Network Charges

Network charges incorporate Network Tariffs and General Service Charges.

Network tariffs are charged on a continuous basis for supplying electricity and maintaining the network of poles, wires and other equipment that distribute power to customers' premises. An electricity retailer sells you electricity and sends you electricity bills. Your retailer pays Powercor directly for distributing electricity to your premises.

Network tariffs comprise a number of separate charges:

  • A transmission tariff, which is paid to SP AusNet when electricity is delivered via its high-voltage network
  • A distribution tariff, when electricity is delivered via Powercor's network
  • A mandatory cost recovery amount to fund Victoria's Premium Feed-In Tariff.

The network tariff represents the sum of these three components.

The 2014 General Service Charge Pricing Schedule is a combination of regulated and non-regulated charges. This document summaries key charges to retailers and customers including a description of service, prices and product codes. The document includes the following categories of General Charges; Alternative Control Services (previously known as Excluded Services), Unregulated Services, Optional Prescribed Metering Services and Negotiated Services.

The links below contain more information about Powercor's network tariffs.

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