Smart Meters

In December 2011, the Victorian Government announced that the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program will continue, and that all Victorian homes and businesses will have a smart meter installed. 

The Government has released its review, indicating that the benefits of the program will outweigh the cost, and other studies again showing that the program is safe.


Smart meters provide a new way of measuring and managing electricity consumption, and provide consumers with benefits that include:-

  • Access to electricity consumption information in real time that will enable  customers to better understand and manage their energy usage and bills 
  • Remote meter readings that improve accuracy of customers’ bills by minimising estimated readings
  • Faster connection and disconnections when moving home which reduces the cost of relocation.

Victoria is a leader in rolling out smart meters, although they are now being introduced in many countries. This website contains information to help you better understand the Victorian smart metering program, the installation process and the benefits it brings.


More information is available from the Government website at


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