Electrical safety tips


Safety is our number one priority, whether in the home or in the workplace, here are some important tips to keep you safe around electricity. 

  1. Never touch an electrical appliance or switch while your hands or feet are wet, and never use any electrical appliance near water.
  2. Never touch a fallen or sagging power line. They can be live and extremely dangerous. Immediately call police or your local electricity distributor.
  3. If a power line falls on a vehicle while you are in it, stay inside unless the car catches fire. Jump clear with both feet so you don’t touch the metal of the car and the ground at the same time.
  4. If an appliance has a frayed cord, cracked or broken plug it can be dangerous - you should have it fixed by a registered electrician.
  5. If you feel a shock, tingle or spark from an electrical appliance immediately turn it off, unplug it and have it repaired by a registered electrician.
  6. Never repair electrical appliances or cords, or perform electrical wiring work yourself.
  7. If a circuit breaker or fuse needs to be replaced or reset call a registered electrician.
  8. If a fixed metal surface like a pipe or the kitchen sink gives you a shock or tingle something is wrong. Immediately call your electricity supplier or a registered electrician. Your house wiring might be faulty and dangerous.
  9. Don’t climb electricity poles or transmission lines - and never enter a zone substation. Electricity can jump a surprisingly long distance from high voltage equipment.
  10. Look up and Live’ when working around electricity lines. Electricity can spark across from powerlines so even a close approach can kill.
  11. Keep kites and model airplanes away from overhead powerlines.