Safety around the home

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To avoid accidents around your home or garden, here are some general safety tips which could protect you and your family.

18 tips for electrical safety at home

  1. Install Safety Switches
  2. Always check electrical cords aren’t hanging from benches where children can grab them.
  3. Wear good footwear when working outside with electrical appliances. Thongs or sandals aren’t suitable. 
  4. Only use portable electric power tools outside - wear shoes and keep away from wet areas.
  5. Using a portable heater in your bathroom is dangerous. You should never risk it.
  6. Before any major plumbing works begin at your home, get a registered electrician to check your electrical earthing systems first. Your water pipe may be an essential part of your home’s electrical earthing system and needed for safety.
  7. If a fuse blows repeatedly in your house a problem exists. Have a registered electrician check it.
  8. Before standing on a metal ladder ensure electrical wires are well away from where it is leaning.
  9. Before attaching swings, clothes line or objects like hanging baskets from beams, make sure there’s no electrical wiring attached around them.
  10. Never connect a piggyback plug or ordinary plug to the end of an extension lead to make it longer because the pins will be live. This has caused deaths.
  11. It’s well worth having electrical appliances bought overseas checked by a registered electrician before using them.
  12. Regularly check electrical cords that you use outdoors to make sure they’re undamaged.
  13. Always switch off and unplug the toaster before trying to pull out toast.
  14. Switch off power points before plugging in appliances. Before unplugging them, turn the power off at the power point.
  15. Safety plugs in unused power point sockets have saved the lives of children.
  16. Don't wait to have electrical appliances fixed. Do it today.
  17. Always run extension cords around furniture and along wall edges - never under rugs.
  18. Don’t make or repair electrical cords yourself, and never join cords by twisting or taping.