Canteen Grant

Improving electrical safety and services provided by cricket club canteens and clubhouses.

Canteen Grants 2023 now open!

Through the CitiPower and Cricket Victoria Canteen Grant, eligible cricket clubs can apply for up to $5,000 to improve electrical safety within their club facilities.

The grant is open to clubs across the CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy network regions and they can use the funds for replacing or upgrading electrical appliances, electrical wiring and power boards, switchboards or related infrastructure to safely provide quality services.

The 2023 round of canteen grant applications are open from Wednesday 29 November 2023 until Friday 22 December 2023.

Visit the Cricket Victoria website to learn more and apply.

Celebrating five years of the CitiPower Cricket Victoria Canteen Grant

The fabulous team at East Malvern Tooroonga Cricket Club are among 69 local clubs now offering better food and drinks for members and supporters after receiving a Canteen Grant from CitiPower and Cricket Victoria over the last five years.

While we didn’t expect an award for the fridge, we fully appreciate what a difference it makes for these local clubs to have safe, new and fully functioning electrical appliances in their canteens.

Our favourite comment from the East Malvern club members interviewed in our latest video was the fact that a fridge “doesn’t bat, doesn’t bowl” but is the most valuable member of the club!

Colder drinks for the fans. Fresher oranges for the players. Hotter pies for club parties. It all means more money can be raised through the canteens and invested back into the club.

The CitiPower and Cricket Victoria Canteen Grant program has been offered annually since 2018 and with this latest round of funding, has distributed a total of $279,000 in grants.

Our funding has enabled the replacement of 32 refrigerators, the funding of electrical upgrades to 26 club canteens, and the replacement of 14 ovens. Not to mention the cost of replacing appliances such as bain maries, pie warmers, and dishwashers.

Canteen Grant Recipients 2022 2023 Season

Cricket ClubGrant amountGrant description
Camperdown Cricket Club$4,000Camperdown Cricket Club experienced substantial flooding during a major rainstorm in southwest Victoria last year, resulting in water entering the club rooms. They will utilise the grant to remove exposed wires from the floor and install new power outlets in the kitchen to offer safe access and reduce the use of extension cords.
Carlisle Park Vikings Cricket Club$5,000The funds will be used to replace a refrigerator that has reached the end of its useful life for this modest and proud club. Due to the broken-down fridge, most game days are run from a few eskies.
Malmsbury Cricket Club$5,000The Malmsbury Cricket Club was affected by the recent Victorian floods when the Coliban River burst its banks. All electrical items in the club canteen were flood damaged and so made ineffective because of the flooding in the clubrooms. The grant money will be used to replace water-damaged electrical items.
MKM Cricket Club$5,000MKM Cricket Club will upgrade its electrical equipment to commercial quality and install electrical outlets where appliances are located to reduce the use of extension leads and power boards with grant funding.
Murchison Cricket Club$5,000Murchison Cricket Club's 150th anniversary was not off to a good start when their clubroom was damaged by recent floods in Victoria. Flood water destroyed the fridge and freezer, and grant funding will be used to replace both items.
North Dandenong Cricket Club$5,000North Dandenong Cricket Club, a modest proud team in the Dandenong District Cricket Association, will utilise grant money to replace a bain marie and chest freezer that are nearing the end of their lives.
Old Carey Cricket Club$3,000Because their sports complex was in a flood zone, the Old Carey Cricket Club endured substantial flooding to their clubroom. The water that penetrated the equipment shed was hip-high. A drink mixer named "Casper" who had been with the club for 20 years was destroyed. Grant funding will enable the club to purchase Casper V2.
Parkfield Cricket Club$5,000Parkfield Cricket Club will be able to repair and replace a refrigerator and freezer that are tripping the safety switch in the club canteen thanks to grant funding.
Preston Baseballers Cricket Club$5,000Preston Baseballers Cricket Club's present oven has reached the end of its useful life. Because of the clubroom's age, the club will also use grant funds to have their electrical board audited and serviced to ensure that there are no hidden or hazardous risks.
Surrey Hills Cricket Club$5,000The Surrey Hills Cricket Club's bar fridge is approximately 40 years old and struggles to maintain temperature. They were told that the expense of repairing the fridge would be greater than the value of the fridge. The grant money will be utilised to replace the fridge.
Wandella Cricket Club$5,000The Wandella Cricket Club, which is located in Kerang, was impacted by the October/November floods. New kitchen appliances will be purchased from the local Betta Electrical store who have also had a tough time due to the floods.
West Warrion Cricket Club$4,000The West Warrion Cricket Club's canteen oven is their immediate priority and will be replaced as soon as possible due to an electrical fault.