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For suppliers and contractors

To ensure your work progresses smoothly, the latest version of any form, document or report can be found here.

We recommend bookmarking this page rather than saving the template to ensure you download the most recent version.

The issue date can usually be found at the bottom of each form.

General supplier and contractor

Find all general supplier and contractor forms.

Documents and resources

    Recognised Contractors

    You’ll find the list of Recognised Contractors along with applications and guidelines details.

    Documents and resources

      Tie-in works

      Certificate of Practical Completion and the Tie-in Request forms.

      Documents and resources

        Option 2 field audit and quality

        Field Audit and Quality documents and resources associated with “Option 2” projects constructed and managed by external Recognised Contractors and VEDN auditors.

        Documents and resources

          Test reports

          There are a number of test reports, forms and checklists available.

          Please note that these Commissioning Test Reports are also held in the Contractor Portal. If you are a new user, you may need to request access via the form at Registered Electrical Contractor resources.

          The forms here will be available on this website until December 2021.

          Documents and resources
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