Connection process

Preliminary enquiries

Preliminary enquiries for renewable generation projects can be made through our online mySupply service.

Please note there are different forms requiring different information to be submitted depending on whether the application is for an embedded generation project or a battery energy storage system.

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Connection applications

We will review the connection application against the network automatic access standards.

For registered generators with a capacity greater than 5MW, we will notify AEMO when the standards have been agreed. In addition, if a full assessment is needed because of the preliminary system strength impact assessment, then you will need an AEMO approved power system model (PSCAD). AEMO reviews the full assessment.

If accepted then we prepare the formal connection offer, including an itemised statement of costs, payment schedule and a construction schedule. By this stage, a formal offer from the transmission network (AEMO or AusNet) will also have been received.

This forms a contract between Powercor or CitiPower and the applicant for the services to be provided. It includes an Augmentation Agreement for the timeframes, costs and commercial arrangements for the connection works.

It also includes a Generator Deed that covers the ongoing technical and commercial conditions to permit the community energy generator to be connected to the network.

Technical requirements

Technical guidelines are available depending on the voltage level of the connection. They provide, as a minimum, the following information.

  • Single line diagrams of the DNSP preferred connection arrangements
  • Sample schematic diagrams of protection systems relevant to the connection of the embedded generator
  • Protection systems and protection schemes
  • Fault level management principles
  • Reactive power capability and power factor correction
  • Power quality
  • Frequency and voltage disturbance
  • Voltage control and regulation
  • Remote monitoring equipment, control and communication requirements
  • Earthing requirements and other safety requirements
  • Commissioning and testing requirements

Typical connection costs

The following table provides a high-level guide for the costs associated with typical connection assets for embedded generation. Depending on the size of the embedded generator, the location in relation to existing distribution assets and the voltage level of the connection, some of the costs may be applicable.

Note:  these do not include costs to remove a network constraint.


11 kV UG extensionUrban$1.7M per km
11 kV UG extensionCBD$3.5M per km
66 kV UG extensionUrban$2.3M per km
66 kV UG extensionCBD$4.0M per km


22 kV OH extensionRural/Regional$0.2M per km
22 kV UG extensionRural/Regional$0.9M per km
66 kV OH extensionRural/Regional$0.3M per km
66 kV UG extensionRural/Regional$1.2M per km
66 kV Switching StationRural/Regional$5.0M each
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