Contestable works

Works on our network typically relate to developments, public lighting and signal supplies.

For project customers;

Contestable works projects on the Powercor network typically relate to Greenfield residential developments (including low and medium density subdivisions), new industrial and commercial developments, and public lighting and traffic signal supplies.

Also known as Option 2, in these projects customers choose to manage the delivery of contestable services for their project. These services typically include:

  • Project management
  • Master planning
  • Overhead and underground design, including surveying and drafting services
  • Construction, which includes the provision of all materials and as constructed plans.

Customers are required to engage recognised contractors to deliver contestable services.

Non-contestable services

Tasks that only CitiPower or Powercor can complete are called non-contestable services and generally involve:

  • Electricity network planning
  • Approval of master plans and design plans
  • Augmentation works
  • Final field and quality compliance auditing
  • Records updating
  • Works that need to be completed on our existing assets including tie-in.

Further to this, for works undertaken on the CitiPower and Powercor network, design (including survey and drafting services), project management and works coordination are also deemed non-contestable services.

Technical standards

Powercor requires the design and construction activities associated with the installation of the electrical infrastructure to supply the subdivision to be in accordance with Powercor’s technical standards. If no Powercor technical standard exists, the relevant Victorian Electricity Supply Industry (VESI) standard is to be used.

For more information, see our Technical standards and work practices form.

Lodging an application

Each project requires an application to be submitted to Powercor via mySupply.

If you want to run your own tender process to select a Recognised Contractor for the Contestable Services select Option 2A when completing your application.

Contestable works documents

    Current projects

    CitiPower and Powercor adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement. We are always striving to find ways to streamline our processes and support developers in improving the quality of built electrical assets.

    For more information on activities we are currently engaged in, visit Customer Connections.

    Essential Services Commission

    Distribution businesses regularly meet with the Essential Services Commission (ESC) to discuss the timely connections of new homes in Victoria. Minutes of these meetings can be found on the ESC website.

    Escalations and complaints

    If you have any concerns or urgency regarding a current development, please email