Network planning & projects

We operate and maintain a huge range of assets and infrastructure to deliver safe and reliable power to our customers. Each year, we invest in major projects that extend or further develop our networks to make sure our assets have the capacity to deliver what our customers need.

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Find your network.

Find out if you're part of the CitiPower or Powercor network.

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Network assets

Get the fast facts on our network assets and how we manage them.

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Network reliability

Learn more about our annual reliability targets and Guaranteed Service Levels (GSLs).

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Network safety

From vegetation management to bushfire prevention, see how we manage and maintain our assets to keep your community safe year-round.

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Network flexibility

We’re hard at work ensuring our services line up with what our customers want. From rooftop solar and other renewable energy sources to community energy plans.

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Major projects

Get the details of all the major projects in your community.

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Non-network opportunities

CitiPower and Powercor have launched a tender seeking potential solutions from third parties to address load capacity limitations on our low-voltage network during peak demand periods.

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Network planning

Planning documents including our DAPR, TCPR, RIT-Ds, tender documents and Zone Substation Data

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Network innovation

As the owner and operator of electricity distribution networks, our role in supplying power to customers has also evolved. While providing reliable, safe and affordable electricity supplies is still a priority, how we do it involves significant innovation in managing the increasingly complex and sophisticated system behind it.

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