Manage power costs

Learn how to minimise your bill and manage your energy usage.

Be power smart and start saving money on your power bill with Liney Lessons

The cost for operating and maintaining the electricity network that supplies power to your home is just one of the charges on your bill.

While we work hard to keep these charges low, there are things you can do to cut your costs and usage to help you take control of your energy bills.

We’ve pulled together helpful information and tips under our #Lineylessons so that you can save time and money by finding everything that you need to know in one place.

Save on your energy bills

Cold weather often means using heaters and climate control systems, increasing your home or business power costs. Here are some tips to reduce your bills in winter.

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Tenant sitting in home on zoom call

Energy usage information

With our myEnergy tool you can quickly see how your home has been using electricity over time. 

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Reduce energy bills

Learn about cutting your costs through choosing the right tariff for your needs. Here you’ll also get some helpful information on choosing the optimal energy plan and electricity provider.

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