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Rooftop solar

Get approved and connected to our network

If you’re ready to join the thousands of Victorian households reducing their bills and environmental footprint with solar, we are here to support your journey. 

The greatest benefits from having rooftop solar come from being able to generate the electricity you need for your home and lifestyle. 

If your solar system generates more than you can use, then this extra power can be exported into our network and shared with your community. You can receive a small rebate on your electricity bill for every kilowatt-hour of power you export.  

We have a role to play at various steps in your solar installation journey: 

How we enable solar

1. Check your export pre-approval

Once you have engaged an accredited solar installer, they will apply on your behalf for an assessment of export approval via our eConnect portal. This takes into consideration the capacity of our network in your area to accept extra power from your system.  Over 95% of people will typically be approved for the amount they want to export, depending on the size of their planned solar system. At the moment, we have a 5kW maximum limit on exports.  Your application will be answered on the same day, usually within minutes.  

We’ll ask your solar installer for your information at this point too so we can keep you informed about the progress of your installation directly. 

Other things to consider

Rebates, subsidies

You may be eligible for a rebate to reduce the upfront cost of installing solar panels. The Victorian Government provides information about rebates and eligibility through Solar Victoria. 

Energy Consumers Australia also provide information and resources to help to choose the right solar system to suit your household’s needs. 

Documents and resources

    Solar pre-approval requirements

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