On site safety

When you are operating equipment near our electricity assets, our permits detail the conditions and methods you must adhere to in order to carry out the proposed work on site safely.

For special requests which require more tailored information, follow the quick links on this page.

If a permit to work is granted, you will be responsible for ensuring that a copy of this permit is always on site in either digital or hard copy form. You will also be responsible for ensuring that all members of your work crews are briefed on the conditions of the permit to work.

To request or renew a permit to work, or advise us when your permitted works have been completed, go to our mySupply portal.

Accidental contact with powerlines

Accidental contact with powerlines can cause electrocution death or serious injury.  But these types of incidents are preventable.

CitiPower and Powercor support the Energy Safe Victoria ‘Look Up and Live’ campaign which is a great reminder that powerlines are part of our landscape.

Sometimes you don’t even notice they are there.  With the sun in your eyes, trees obscuring your vision or other activities distracting attention, you may not see how close you are to powerlines.

Look Up and Live

Whether you are a farmer using heavy machinery with long booms or a civil contractor or builder relying on big deliveries, high scaffolds or even hand-held machinery, then you need to be aware of electrical clearance zones.

Risks are caused by not only direct contact with overhead electrical assets but also metal objects coming within clearance zones that electrical currents can arc across.

Take extra care if your work involves:

  • Using tall machinery such as cranes or augers
  • Driving high vehicles
  • Raising the tipper tray of trucks
  • Raising equipment such as irrigation pipes overhead
  • Climbing on top of machinery or storage silos

For more safety tips take a look at ESV’s Look Up and Live campaign or the Electrical Safety on Farms webpage.

Dial Before You Dig

A quick call to Dial Before You Dig before you start work could save your life and protect our network.

If you’re planning to dig, you first need to know if there is electricity or network cables beneath you. Before you start work, you need to contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or apply for approval online.

Your request will be sent to CitiPower and Powercor and we’ll respond within two days with plans and information about the location of our underground cables in the network.

CitiPower and Powercor are members of the Association of Dial Before You Dig Services, a non-profit body dedicated to looking after Australia’s underground infrastructure. For more information, visit

No Go Zones

No Go Zones are designed to keep workers and the public a safe distance from electrical assets. Contractors must apply for permits for any work that needs to take place within a No Go Zone.

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High load transport

High loads greater than 4.6 metres have the potential to damage power assets and put drivers and the public at risk, so it’s important to plan for high load transportation by plotting a safe route and applying for the correct permits.

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High voltage isolation

Find out which permits you’ll need for any work that requires isolation from the network.

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Facilities Access Agreements

We support our telecommunications, local council, emergency services and infrastructure industry partners by providing leased space for their equipment on our distribution poles.

To install equipment on our pole, you will need to obtain a Facilities Access Agreement (FAA).

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