For your home

All the information you need to manage the power connection to your home. 

Woman standing out the front of her home looking at an electricity bill
HomeFor your home

Find out how to set up new connections with eConnect – our connections portal. Here you’ll find instructions and access to an online library of contracts and resources.

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Solar and other technologies

Find out how to set up rooftop solar, electric vehicles and batteries in ways that work well with our network.

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Manage power costs

Get tips and information on how you can pay less for power and use less electricity.

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Live safely

Make sure you know what to do when working on or around electrical assets and how to stay safe if the power goes out.

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Life support services

We’re committed to doing all we can to protect customers who rely on electricity supplies for their health and well-being. We also provide information on back-up plans in case an outage takes place.

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Private Overhead Electric Lines

All the information you need to manage private overhead electric lines and keep them safe.

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