REC resources

This information is designed to support Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs) who play an important role in providing electrical services to customers. Our REC helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phoning: 1300 360 410


When you receive my paperwork from the retailer, do you call me and book the job?

When there’s a booking for a service truck or our metering section, we’ll call you to arrange a time.

How quickly can you complete the job?

Your supply will be connected within 10 business days from receiving all the paperwork from the retailer.

Can we do the job after hours if needed?

Yes, if we can organise a crew. There will be additional costs for working after hours.

How do I get an underground connection to my place? Who does it and how quickly can the works be completed?

A CTA will meet you on site to go through the process.

How much power can I have to my premises? How do I apply for it? How long before I can expect a response?

You can send us a letter or an email with your requirements. Then a project manager will be in touch within about four weeks.

After the meter is supplied, when is my power supply connected?

Normally within 48 hours, or at an arranged time.

My inspector said “...

Your inspector works for you but may not know about some of our requirements.

Connection technical advisors

Our Connection Technical Advisors are the people you can turn to when you need advice on technical matters, such as understanding or complying with Service Installation Rules.

To contact a CTA, you can login to eConnect and make a technical enquiry or call our REC hotlines.

CitiPower: 1300 132 894

Powercor: 1300 360 410

If required, you can arrange for a Connection Technical Advisor to visit you on site.

Tech Talk news

Tech Talk is our newsletter keeping RECs informed about changes in the electricity industry and other news that may affect your work. We send this out a few times each year via email and SMS. All RECs who are currently registered with CitiPower and Powercor will receive a copy.

To sign up for Tech Talk or check your details, visit eConnect.

Become a recognised contractor

When a development requires connection to our distribution system, customers are responsible for arranging and funding the electrical distribution works. They have a choice of whether to use Powercor or a Powercor approved REC to complete contestable work such as project management, design and construction of the new distribution assets. In all cases, we undertake the final network connection.

We maintain a list of recognised contractors who are referred to customers seeking support for augmentation works on their electricity supply.

Contractors on this list are required to meet minimum electricity industry skills standards and to identify the particular capabilities offered.

We don’t provide any warranty in regard to the work or engage contractors directly on behalf of the customer, but being on the list is another way of being considered for new business.

To find out more or to apply to be a recognised contractor, please see the documents provided here.

Apply for the technical standards and work practices website

The Technical Standards and Works Practices website (Contractor Portal) has been developed for the use of approved contractors, recognised Option 2 contractors and partner groups, such as councils, government departments, specialty companies, etc.

To access the information via a secure website whenever you need it, simply register your details below and we’ll send you a username and password to access two sets of resources:

Company details

Company representative

Contract details