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Support and care

Life support customers receive special consideration when we plan power outages or notify customers of unexpected outages due to emergencies.

We do not actively disconnect your power supply without advance notification unless under fault conditions.

Rules introduced by the Essential Services Commission Victoria mean customers are protected as soon as they inform their energy retailer they require life support equipment.

  • Energy retailers must ask new customers if they are on life support equipment before signing them up to an energy deal
  • These customers then receive more comprehensive information about their rights and the retailer’s processes to help ensure protection is there when needed
  • A standardised medical form makes this registration process through energy retailers simple
  • We work closely with the energy retailers and keep an accurate register of life support customers

If you have not already registered as a life support customer, then please contact your energy retailer (the company that sends your electricity bill) and follow their process.

Please make sure to advise how you would prefer to receive information about any impacts on power in your area (for example, via SMS or email) or details for a care giver that should be kept informed.

Back-up plans

If we are planning works that involve power outages, customers are notified in advance.

Similarly, if there is an unanticipated power outage for reasons beyond our control, we will quickly send a message to the mobile phone number or email preferred by the customer – which they have registered with their energy retailer.

In these circumstances, we encourage you to develop a back-up plan in consultation with your doctor or medical adviser to ensure you are well prepared.

Different medical situations require different plans, but you may like to consider any of the following actions:

  • Get a source of back-up power for your medical equipment such as a battery or generator.
  • Become familiar with the different power circuits and power points within your home by checking your switchboard, contacting a registered electrician, or calling us for technical advice.
  • Make sure you discuss your life support machine with your doctor. They should have already explained what action to take should your life support machine stop working. You should follow their advice first.
  • Consider if it is possible to store back-up equipment in your home such as oxygen bottles.
  • Ensure your mobile is always charged and subscribe to our SMS/Email power outage notification updates
  • Keep a torch with working batteries next to your life support equipment.
  • Plan with a family member or friend to stay with them should you need to vacate your home until power is restored.

If an unexpected power outage results in a life-threatening situation, call 000 and request an ambulance.

Life support emergency13 12 8013 24 12
Telephone interpreter service13 14 5013 14 50