Reduce energy bills

Learning how network charges and tariffs impact your energy bill can make a big difference.

As your electricity network, we manage your meter and send data about the amount of power you consume to your energy retailer. Your energy retailer then issues your electricity bill.

Understanding the charges and tariffs will help you understand what makes up your bill. With this information, you can explore options for a better deal and improve your energy efficiency.

Things to consider

How to read your bill

Know how much you’re spending and why. This will allow you to determine whether you are with the right retailer and on the right plan for your needs. You’ll see two types of charges on your electricity bills: 

Supply charge
This is a fixed, daily rate and includes the cost to operate, maintain and manage the network of poles, wires, and smart meters that deliver electricity to your home. Our supply charges are fully regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator and set annually. On average they account for less than 30 per cent of your total electricity costs. 

Variable charges
These are based on the amount of electricity you consume in your home. They can change based on the season, whether or not you have solar, and how energy efficient your appliances are. Variable charges are set by your retailer and based on the type of energy plan you are on as well as when and how you use electricity. This is where your actions can have the most impact on reducing your bill.