Solar and other technologies

Whether  you would like to lower your electricity bills, have greater energy  independence, or  help the environment by reducing carbon emissions, there are a range of energy choices available. 

If you’re interested in investing in solar, energy storage (like batteries), electric vehicles or other private generation, this is a good place to start. 

It’s important to check with us early in the process to find out whether your home’s electricity supply supports the technology you’re interested in.

As a starting point, we’ve brought together several Liney Lessons for you to feel confident in making the right decisions for your home.

If you choose these technologies then under the Electricity Distribution Code, you will be considered the owners of a small embedded generator. This brings with it responsibilities to comply with the Code to ensure your systems are safe and properly integrated into our network. To find out more visit the ESV website.

Solar rooftop

Rooftop solar

Get information on all things related to home solar energy, from installation to removal and everything in-between. 

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Image of electric car

Electric vehicles

EVs will save on petrol but increase your electricity bill. Learn about the energy implications of owning an EV.

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solar customer


Storing any excess energy your solar generates so you can use it when you want it is a big benefit of batteries.   

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