Embedded network transfer to distributor

If you are winding up an embedded network and wish to transfer to a distributor connection

Connections for industryEmbedded networksWinding up an embedded network and transfer to distributor connection

An existing embedded network owner (ENO) body corporate owner’s corporation may request that the site is re-arranged so that all tenants are connected to the distributors electricity network and can choose their own retailer.

The embedded network ceases to exist, the parent meter and its NMI is abolished, and a new metering/NMI established for each tenant who become on-market customers of the distributor.

Connecting to the distributor network may require some customer-owned infrastructure upgrades to enable a compliant connection and metering arrangements.

Winding up of an embedded network connection requires:

  • Written request from the embedded network owner to convert the site to the distributors on-market metering
  • New connection process each for tenant
  • Meters installed and allocated of NMIs

Step for cessation of an embedded network site

  1. The embedded network owner requests winding up the embedded network, and connection of each tenant to the distributors’ network.
  2. The distributor will respond with the connection fees for the ENO to review and accept
  3. The distributor will assess the site and communicate with the REC/ENO for any required upgrades to the customer installation
  4. The REC to undertake any upgrades and make appointments in eConnect and submit a new connection request via the chosen retailer/s for each tenant
  5. The distributor will replace the child meters with new meters and allocate a new NMI for each new meter
  6. The distributor will establish go live date/time. At go-live time, dissolve the parent meter in MSATS and energise all new meters.

Email your request

Requests for winding up of an Embedded Network can be made via EmbeddedNetworks@powercor.com.au

Transfer Documents and Resources

The application form and checklist for winding up an embedded network.

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