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We’ve seen a rapid growth in rooftop solar systems. With each installation, we’re facilitating rapid growth in the amount of solar capacity on our network. The installation of solar photovoltaic systems as well as the correct inverter settings are critical to ensuring customers get the most for their investment in this technology.

The solar PV system is connected to the network via an inverter. The solar installer or customer must have sought and received pre-approval from us for the requested capacity of the generator.

The majority of customers are approved for the export level they request. Depending on their location, some may be constrained to a lesser export level or even no exports at all. We do not prevent customers from installing solar for their own self-consumption. But depending on our network capacity, export constraints may influence the size of the unit they install.

Please make sure you engage early with our team through eConnect to check on network capacity for your customers.

Smart inverter settings

It is critical that you install an approved smart inverter and set it correctly.

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Model Standing Offer contracts

The MSO helps us manage and keep our network safe for solar customers.

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Emergency backstop minimum demand events

From 1 October 2024, new and upgraded rooftop solar systems will be able to be remotely reduced or stopped if there is an excess of energy in the network.

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Solar enablement program

Upgrading the local electricity network so more businesses and households can export excess solar to share.

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