Smart inverter settings

If you’re a solar installer, then you’ll note that our eConnect portal prompts you for additional information about the manufacturer and model of the PV panels and inverters used in any installations you perform.

Since December 2019, Victorian distribution networks including CitiPower and Powercor, have mandated the use of “smart inverters” on new solar installations. These are essential for helping solar customers get the most from their investment while also supporting power quality and network security for all customers.

Smart inverters have power quality response mode settings (i.e., ‘Volt-Watt’ and ‘Volt-Var’ applied) that ensure customers experience less trips off by their solar system as a result of power quality fluctuations. The information also helps us to enable an increasing uptake of solar by providing the information we need to maximise the amount of solar by feeder line.

The accuracy of documentation provided by solar installers to register new installations is an important step in achieving these objectives.

We are required to collect detailed information on the make and model of any distributed energy resources and submit this data to the market operator, AEMO, for their distributed energy resources (DER) Register.

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