As much as we love electricity, we know that making choices about how it performs in your home can be hard. #lineylessons is a unique service which in one place, provides you with a comprehensive range of independent information on how to have safe, affordable, reliable and flexible power supplies. It’s easy and accessible to save you time and money in researching options for what is right for your home and family.

There are four parts to #lineylessons:

  1. Take control: information on rooftop solar, energy storage (like batteries), electric vehicles, and various types of private generation so you can manage how your home is powered.
  2. Manage costs: find out how to read your electricity bill and learn about energy efficiency so you can pay less for your power.
  3. Live safely: know what to do when working on or around electrical assets and how to stay safe if the power does go out.
  4. For kids: an interactive learning site for children to find out about electrical safety from our liney mascots, Max and Pippa.

We’ve partnered with and sourced information from, industry leading organisations and government advisory bodies such as the Australian Energy Foundation, Clean Energy Council, the Electric Vehicle Council and the Victorian Government to ensure it’s relevant and reliable.

We’ve added independent advice, insights from our experience about our customers’ electricity supply and capacity, around how this influences your choices.

As a distribution network fully regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER),we own and manage the poles, wires, and smart meters that bring electricity to your home. If you have solar or a battery, we’re also the network that will take electricity from your home when it’s exported.

We appreciate your trust in our lineys to keep your power safe and reliable.

The launch of this service follows the development of a successful energy literacy program run by Powercor in partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, and the Australian Energy Foundation in 2019. This generated $22,000 in savings for 70 participants, or an average of $230 per year off their electricity bills.

Through #lineylessons, we are expanding this program, offering it online and in multiple languages to ensure the benefits are available to a broad and diverse community.

We’ve also heard a lot from customers during the COVID-19 experience, who have asked for help in taking control of electricity use and costs.

So by bringing all this information together in one place, we aim to help you feel confident in making decisions about how you power your home.

So enjoy and email us if you have a question about electricity that you’d like us to answer in one of our upcoming #lineylessons. And remember – check before you connect!

We'd love your thoughts on #lineylessons

We'd love your thoughts on #lineylessons