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Compensation Fact Sheet

To assist customers who experience loss or damage related to unplanned power outages the Victorian Electricity Distributors have jointly created an Unplanned Power Outages Compensation Fact Sheet which explains the compensation process and how customer claims are assessed.

What is an unauthorised voltage variation?

To make sure the right amount of electricity reaches your home, we need the ability to ‘push’ the electricity through our network. Just like pressure allows us to push water through a hose, voltage is what helps us ‘push’ electricity into your property.

Voltage levels are set by the Essential Services Commission in the Distribution Code. An unauthorised voltage variation is a variation outside the levels set. This is either a rapid increase in voltage (power surge) or reduced voltage (brown out). Variations can occur for a number of reasons and can cause damage to appliances and equipment.

If you believe your property is damaged due to voltage variation you may be eligible for compensation from CitiPower or Powercor. The below information will assist you through the process of making a claim.

Customer Claims for Unauthorised Voltage Variation

Any compensation you may be entitled to is paid in accordance with Electricity Industry Guideline No 11, Voltage Variation Compensation. The guideline was developed to offer compensation on the basis of good customer service. Key elements of the guideline include:

  • Compensation to be paid for damage directly resulting from the voltage variation
  • Compensation is paid for repairs (where viable) or the cost of replacement equipment
  • Compensation is not offered based on new for old
  • Does not extend to cover consequential loss e.g. profits, food not related to refrigerator damage
  • Business customers must take reasonable precautions to minimise the risk of damage or loss

You can obtain a copy of this guideline below or on request.

Claims other than Unauthorised Voltage Variation

CitiPower are committed to providing our customers with a reliable and quality supply. While every effort is made to maintain a constant supply of electricity, network outages will occur from time to time. Outages are different to voltage variations. This is a supply interruption (no power) allowed under the distribution code.

We are not automatically responsible for outages on our network as a number of external factors can impact your supply. Common examples include:

  • Weather (storms, wind, extreme heat)
  • Third party damage (vandalism, vehicle impact)
  • Transient incidents (an unknown item makes contact with our equipment)

On occasion accidents may occur that have involved our employees. On the report of such incidents, we will institute a full investigation of the matter. As a part of such investigations, we may offer compensation where it is appropriate to do so.

Insurance Letters

Customers who do not meet requirements for compensation or those seeking compensation on a new for old basis may wish to consider their insurance policy. Should we have a record of an incident affecting your property, we can provide a letter that may be passed to your insurance company to support your claim.

If you would like a letter to confirm an incident at your property please complete the Insurance Letter Request form below. An investigation will be undertaken and a letter sent.

Submitting a Customer Claim

If you believe you have suffered a loss as the result of an unauthorised voltage variation or an outage due to an act or omission by CitiPower or Powercor or one of its employees, in bad faith or through negligence, please supply details as per the claim forms below.

Please note: No item should be disposed of prior to our investigation. We may need to perform our own assessment and the item must be available to our assessor.

If you have trouble downloading a form, please contact us and we will arrange one to be sent to you.

Max. filesize 3MB. Please upload only pdf, doc, docx, xls, xslx, pages, numbers, jpg, tiff, bmp, png, txt, csv, rtf, odt or ods files. Note that if form submission fails, please re-upload attachment.

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