Stakeholder Engagement

Driving and embracing change in the energy market is only made possible by listening and bringing together the diverse views of our stakeholders.

We recognise we have an important role in the communities in which we operate by ensuring a security of supply that is delivered safely, cost-effectively and reliably to our customers.

Our commitment to customers extends to the way in which we deliver our services and respond to their changing needs. To do this we must continually improve how we engage and how stakeholder insights are incorporated into planning our networks for the future.

We recognise that stakeholder engagement needs to be considered in everything we do. From day-to-day operations, network planning, customer service and the way we meet our regulatory requirements.

To do so, we have developed a Stakeholder Engagement Framework that guides how we will work with stakeholders, from customers to regulators. It provides for engagement about different areas of interest that can and will have a meaningful impact to our business, like regulatory reset, tariff reform, major projects and bushfire mitigation.

Importantly, the Framework guides how we will seek and consider feedback by way of process and as part of our social responsibility.

To find out more and have your say on the operation and planning for your local network visit Talking Electricity – our website dedicated to stakeholder engagement.

Have a question for our team?

Have a question for our team?